Sunday, March 30, 2008

John Joseph (Cro-Mags, Fittest 40 Something Year Old In The World!)

1- Favourite memory of the Bad Brains?

Definitely the shows and how amazing the Bad Brains were. That's what drew me to them at first. But it was also the brotherhood and the cause they stood for. We had a spiritual bond, especially me and HR. Hands down he was the greatest singer/frontman to EVER walk on a stage. It's all in my book " THE EVOLUTION OF A CRO-MAGNON"

2- Original line up of the Cro-Mags , reunion show/tour?

NEVER. But get ready for the second coming... BLOODCLOT!

3- The book, when's it coming out bro?

Probably in June. The edit took forever but we got it right.
(edit- its out now, if you dont have it go here and buy it right now!)

4- Are you the fittest person your age living on this earth?

Of course not, but i believe in spreading what knowledge i have gathered in my 27 years of experience being an athlete and hardcore vegetarian. In fact, i've begun writing my second book about training, nutrition and longevity. (edit- titled "Meat Is For Pussies", out this year!)
Just trying to help out all the fat, lazy American's mate.

5- Bloodclot? What's Up?

The record's being mixed. Were 70% there and it will drop around the same time as the book.
6- Pete Abordi is the greatest tour manager (you can quote me on that)
peace and tofu bro

Friday, March 28, 2008


I'am back playing bass in a band again after a bit of a break, and i've gotta say i'am really enjoying it. Sceaming into a mic is not all it's cracked up to be some of the time, haha.
I enjoy doing both, and each have it's pro's and con's (carrying my gear up and down 3 flights of stairs is one con) but yeah, i'am having fun.
I even got myself a nice new Fender P Bass for a great price and got rid of my fucking heavy as shit musicman. I put a black scratch plate on it, so it's all black and looks hhaarrddd!
Tomorrow the band i'am playing bass in, Thrush( yeah i know, bad name, haha) are recording 10 songs for our s/t 7" that is going to be released on Trial and Error Records down here in Australia.
Check out some songs of our demo(that barely even existed, haha) here
A new track will be posted after we are done tomorrow.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


It's still on repeat.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God

Today's entry was originally going to be about how last night Kirk Windstein became my new god ( Pete and i had a Crowbar/Down/Kingdom Of Sorrow party last night and truely discovered "the riff") but thats all going to have to wait.
Everything changed today when there was a knock on my door at 8.30am.
At first i thought it may be my annoying neighbour who lives below me, but it wasent, it was the girl from the bottom floor and she had something in her hand.
She said "he left this at our door" and passed me a package, straight away i knew what it was and i knew what i would be doing for the next few hours. See, my friend Todd called me a few days ago and told me that he had sent me a package with Blacklisted's new record ( both LP and CD formats) and a shirt. Thanks brother.
I have been waiting to sit down and really listen to this record since he told me after they finished recording it that it was like an album length version of Peace On Earth, War On Stage. When i first heard that 7" it floored me, i loved everything about it, and the song "Memory Layne" was going to be a hard one to top.
So, for the last 2 hours i have listened to the LP, imported the cd onto my ipod and have been sitting here with it on repeat since, and i think iam listening to my favourite record of 08 and its only March. I dont know where to begin really, iam not very good at reviewing things, but if your reading this and dont already own it, go and BUY it right now.
I'll be honest though, when i first heard "I Am Weighing Me Down" when they launched on their myspace page, i was a little disappointed, i had a similar feeling as to when i first heard "We're Down Till We're Underground", i was like this is good, but not really what i was hoping for, even though that is selfish to "hope" for something from someone else's record.
Anyway, so after i listened to that song once on their page i told myself i wouldn't listen to it again until i had the whole record in my hands and i could listen to all the songs. Well a few days/weeks later they added another new song "Matrimony", and like a sucker i was back at their page listening to it.
That song assured me that this was going to be the record i was waiting for, but again i didnt want to listen to it again, as i wanted the wait to be worth it when i finally had that record in my hands.
But, again, when they launched the whole album for streaming on their page, i just couldn't help myself, but again i only listened to it once. Iam not sure what it was, but my anticipation for this record just kept dragging me back in and as much as i just wanted to wait until i had the whole finished product in my hand i just couldn't.
So, today i sit here with both the LP and cd in front of me, and what do it think?
I think its an amazing record, that's what i think, you can really feel that the members have given themselves to this record. They have gone out on a limb and made the record that THEY wanted to make, and in life , i think, that's when the best things are created, when you are doing it for you and no one else.
I love how the album flows, i read that the placement of "Circuit Breaker" at the end of side a, and "Wish" at the end of side b to finish the record ( 2 songs that are definite highlights of the album) was definitely an intentional thing and it works great. If you load this album into your itunes you will see what they have done for yourself, side a races to its peak at "Circuit Breaker" and side b races to its own peak at "Wish".
The artwork, i love the cover, it is very similar to our cover i guess, a dude just standing there out in the open facing his demons( our guy is naked though, haha)
The LP opens to a huge picture of a blonde girl and a shovel and some flowers, at first i didnt really "get it", but after checking out the cd booklet you work out that each picture resembles what the song on the same page is about, which is pretty clever.
On the cover of the cd booklet it is another girl, but this time she is smoking a cigarette, i know this is petty, but i fucking hate smoking, and that's not cause iam Mr straightedge it's cause i grew up with a Mum that smoked inside our house and i know how much smelling someone's second hand smoke every day fucking sucks ( who reading this has toured europe?, haha). So yeah i dont really like that picture, haha.
But overall the artwork just complements the lyrics ( which i didn't even get into here, but are fucking great, think bearing your soul for the world to see) and the lyrics just complement the music.
I think i am just rambling now, just go out and get it and listen for yourself, me, i just cant wait until i am watching these songs played right in front of me.
I have nothing to prove, i have nothing to prove, i have nothing to prove, i have nothing prove, i have nothing to prove, i have nothing to prove, i have nothing to prove, i have nothing to prove...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jed Gordon ( Parkway Drive TM, Merch Guy, Bitch, Etc, Fathers Against Jed Founder)

1- You get to travel the world for a living, How's that going?

It goes pretty good Bloke, apart from being made to drive 10 hour's straight and get paid out for being fat, i dont think i'd rather be doing anything else this year.

2- Is it weird seeing knobs all over the world wearing merch with your address on it?

Yeah it was kinda weird at first but as much as i hate to nob eat, the band have worked hard for what they've got, so iam stoked for them. Plus they can afford to take their fat mate with them.

3- How do you feel about 5 surfer grommets that you showed what hardcore is, now being the biggest hardcore/metal band in aus/the world (soon)?

It's good, as i said above they've worked very hard, they are talented and the bigger they get the more countries i get to see and the more time i dont have to get a real job.

4- Getting any chicks on tour right now?

Dont tell my Mum, but the only girl i got in all of europe was a prostitute in Amsterdam for 50 Euros. I lasted 2 minutes and that was that.

5- How's your weight doing with all those great riders over there in Europe?haha

About 100 but havent actually weighed myself since i left home , landed in the USA yesterday and had 3 burritos straight away so i assume ill hit 105 before iam home in May.
See you soon bloke xxxx

(edit- Question 4 was one of the main highlights of the 5q's issue 1, even though Jed knew i was going to print his answer in a zine and sell it on tour with his brother's band ( the biggest band in Australia) he still answered honestly and gave straight up one of the best answers to a question, ever. I love you Chode.

Corey Williams ( Internal Affairs, Snake Eyes, Piece By Piece, Carry On)

1- What's up? What's happening in the life of Corey K Williams right now?

Right now i am working a shitty labour job climbing huge towers for cell phone companies. But on the good side the band just got done writing and recording a new record so life aint that bad.

2- New IA record, Deadly Visions, What's the deal? Give us the low down

Its a 9 song ep. Its our best material yet. Ridiculous riffs, insane lyrics and all that other crazy shit you would expect out of IA. I guess you will just have to hear it!

3- How's the Cali hc scene right now? What's some band's to check out?

As always Cali has some of the best bands around. For bands you already know, Allegiance is releasing a new record and it's fucking amazing. Like It Or Not are working on a new LP and that shit from what i have heard so far is ill. Nick Jett started a label called Real Deal (edit- New View) Records and plans on Vendetta being his first release. But for new bands, you might have heard of these but everyone should get into them, Violation, Dynasty, Ability, Brass Monkey, Retaliate, Vendetta, Out Of Heart, Come And Get It.

4- Your coming back to my country soon, how hard are we going to rage?

All day and night. Beaches, good food and the smashing of dude's in the pit! We cant wait to get back to the best country in the world.

5- Why on earth dont you like the Bad Brains?

They got sick riffs but i hate HR's vocals. It took me 10 years to get used to JJ, maybe the bad Brains will take 20... who the fuck knows. I hate punk rock, is the bottom line. Bad Brains have amazing hardcore music but weirdo vocals. The only punk band i like are Fear, they are from LA and they are the reason why there is violence at shows, they also rage like no other since every show back in the day ended in a riot.

Winston McCall (Parkway Drive, Chuck Norris, Boogie Boarder)

1- Your band is huge, How did this happen to 5 surfer mates from Byron?

I was a rad boogie boarder, so when i got on the cover of a mag with x's on my hands the band naturally exploded in the boogie boarding scene, we were the biggest thing to hit the streets since our mate Pete Bloke in "ripping the pit"

2- How cold is Europe right now?

At the moment its ok, we're in Italy, but the last couple of weeks have been fucked up and we all got sick as a result of euro's smoking.

3- How much do you wish you were walking down the track at tallow's about to go for a surf?

Not as much as Gaz wishes he was on his shitty mal out at one foot onshore pass.

4- How ugly/old does soccer ball head(jeff from pwd) look right now?

He's at least 80 years old but his hands are probably the oldest thing on the planet.

5- How much has Chode been getting written off?

Fuck loads, the other day he managed to lock everyone out of the kitchen when it was breakfast time the fat slug.

Hahahaha sick zine, miss you bloke, euro's are fucked, so many durries, i want to go home.

Scott Vogel (Terror, Buried Alive, Despair, Slugfest)

1- You just got home from your third tour of Australia, that's crazy! How was it this time around? Highlights?


2- Your getting older, haha, what keeps you here?


3- What still pisses you off about hardcore?


4- What do you like better? The core or hip hop? and what are your favourite albums from each genre?


5- Terror as a band has grown alot over the years, and you are playing bigger and bigger shows/venues, do you miss playing the shitholes?


(edit- this interview was redone word for word, caps and scott's crazy ......'s included, Scott rules you can feel his love and enthusiasm for hardcore seeping out of him even in this short i/v)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Greg Bacon (Betrayed,The First Step, Internal Affairs, Knife Fight, Stand & Fight, Carry On)

1- What's up in your world right now?

My world is going great and the next six months are just going to get better. I'am going to graduate college, put an ep out with Internal Affairs, record a new ep with The First Step, tour my favourite places in the world and get to visit some new spots in the process. Put that on top of the fact that i just saw Pennywise and Ignite and my life is looking pretty good. AND there are new Down To Nothing and Go It Alone records coming out that are going to be the records of the year.

2- List the bands in order that you have played bass in, and whats some of your favourite experiences over the years playing in these bands?

Do you want a list of the bands of practiced with, played a show with or actually been in? Bands i've been in- Carry On, Stand & Fight, Knife Fight, The First Step, Internal Affairs and Betrayed.

Bands i've played with (in addition to above)- The Mistake, Righteous Jams, Down To Nothing, and i'll be playing a few songs with Our Turn pretty soon. Bands i've jammed with (but things didnt work out)- Amendment Eighteen and Vengeance!

The best part about playing in those bands is making friends. Most of the people i know won't find their way out of the country , let alone make some amazing friends in the process. That being said, i dont know what my favourite tour experience is because almost every tour is amazing. If i had to choose it'd either be playing with koalas and kangaroos in Australia or any part of the Betrayed tour in Europe. John Joseph stealing underwear, DUIcepick hitting our trailer and sick bro's taking pictures inside the Slovenian castle for an hour made that tour amazing.

3- Screenprinting, bass playing , pwning? Which is your favourite occupation?

I consider bass playing a hobby and pwning a pastime. I guess that would make my favourite profession screenprinting by default.

4- Will it ever be updated to show your full potential to the world?

HA! You'll need to ask Todd about updates cause that site is completely under his control. It's been "coming soon" since its inception almost a year and a half ago.

(edit- i just checked and sadly no longer exists)

5- 6131 Records, world domination? future plans?

6131 Records IS world domination! NO APOLOGIES- SURVIVAL is going to pwn the world in July. Other than that we are putting out Cruel Hand, Pressure, Defiant Hearts, Every Second Counts and Permanent so look out for all of those. My world domination includes playing shows in four continents this summer.

Pete Abordi fucks up Scotish bus drivers.

Re-use, Re-package, Re-sell

Ive resigned to the fact that i must of deleted all the original 5q's i/v's, but i've also decieded that iam going to re-type and post( for your reading pleasure) some of the highlights from my first attempt at a zine.
But obviously these interviews are a little dated now, but deal with it.
As well as getting as many of those interviews up as time will permit this week iam going to be sending off a bunch of new questions to people on opposite sides of the globe.
So keep on eye on this spot.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Infiltrate The System

I Love Madball, Set It Off was one of the first records i ever owned and i have loved EVERY record they have put out since then. In Hoya's own words " when everyone else was trying to have more melody and have wwooo ohhhss we were just trying to be even HARDER". 
So for me to be able to call those guys friends is amazing to me, and touring with them in 05 was not only awesome to see them play each night and be part of the Madball wrecking machine but it was a big learning experience to be on tour with such a professional band. 
Every time they are back i make sure i hang out as much as i can, but its hard with having a full time job, etc, so this time they came to me.

I'am A Member Of The Right Brigade

In April/May of 2006 i tour managed the Cro-Mags(FVK)/Betrayed tour through all of Europe and the UK. How an Australian kid ended up tour managing a band from the east coast and a band from the west coast of the USA through countries i had never even been too i'am not quite sure, but it happened, true story.
This particular story iam about to tell happened in a  venue called TJ's which is located in a town called Newport in Wales.
After we loaded in and had set up the stage and merch area everyone sort of went their seperate ways ( as you do ) before doors. The Betrayed dudes and Scott Roberts who was playing guitar for the Cro-Mags went for a walk into town to see how many fights they could get challenged to ( Wales is hhhhaaaarrrdddd). So that left the Mags a man down for sound check. AJ Novello was playing bass in this line up, so obviously he could sound check the guitar no problems ( after touring with him in 03 and seeing him shred on guitar it was a bit of a waste to see him confined to 4 strings if you ask me ) but it still left them a man down and unable to hear what the bass was like in their monitors.
But when i heard them jamming "Right Brigade" i had an idea. Last Nerve used to cover it so i knew ( or thought i knew ) how to play it. I jumped up there and proudly told the dudes ( JJ, AJ and Mackie, holy fuck now thats a line up) "i know how to play right bridage, lets do it".
But from the first note i knew something was wrong, see i guess LN was tuned to e flat and the mags were just in standard e ( or maybe something else i'am not even sure), so where i thought i should be playing just sounded fucking weird, and the more i tried to find where i should be playing i just couldn't. After AJ trying to show me from the other side of the stage for a few bars i just gave up. The guys made fun of me for a while to my protests of "you guys are in a different tuning", and we all laughed it off. But looking back on it i regret that i fucked it up, and i wish i was a better musician and could of just easily worked out what i was doing wrong ( nerves aside). Not many people can say that they have jammed out with those dudes, some of the guys that were behind a couple of the best hardcore records ever made.
So yeah i blew it, but just the other day i relearned that fucking song in every tuning known to man, so John if your reading this, i'am ready for round 2 brother.

Oscar McCall (50 Lions, Shoot To KIll, The Singer From Parkway's Little Brother)

1- Freckle, hows byron? hows your great dog?

byron's hot and dog is malting everywhere but she's still kinda cute.

2- Time is the Enemy is awesome, are you guys happy with how it all turned out?

yeh its sweet. now we just have to remember how to play all the songs.being in the studio for 7 days straight was definately gay though.

3- Do you miss having shows at the youthy?, is that place ever going to be back?

yeh man.for the few shows that actually happen in this town now it'd be awesome if we still had the youthy,I think we can kinda do a few shows on the sly there but its no official..someone might end up getting in trouble for it..blame chode.

4- Is woollys better than coles really?

we have fresher food thats for sure..coles has some bargains though...I'd say they're equal.But i get 5% off at woolies.

5- Whats coming up next for 50L?

by the time this is printed we'll probly have a new record out..HAHAHA...(edit- almost, 50 Lions have a split 7"/cdep coming out with Down To Nothing soon on the 2 of the best labels in the world, Resist and 6131 Records) we have an east coast run in a few weeks..NZ tour..some of the resist tour and some shit next year that you'll know about soon.

Ashley Pederick (The Design Threat, Miles Away, Blkout!)

1- Blkout!, how long have you been jamming it out? When's the EP out? How have the first few shows gone?

We started jamming during May 2007 in my garage between games of Ping Pong. We recorded six tracks at the end of June which will be out on disc through Commonbond Records on the 20th of October, and also on Vinyl through our own label, Suppression Records, a bit later in the year. Make sure you check it out. Jumped on our first show with Hardluck in late June, just before we recorded, then didn't play our second one till mid-September for Miles Away return shows at HQ.

2- You recently went to the states, what were some highlights? What bands were good?

The States was off the chain! Highlights include meeting the almighty Natas Kaupas, eating 'Grilled Cheeses' at IN 'N' OUT Burger, drinking XXX Vitamin Water, watching Baseball 24-7 and seeing a ton of bands - to cut the story short! Bitter End at Sound & Fury Warmup show blew me away. Their stage presence was huge, as is their new LP 'Climate of Fear'. Jungle Boogeying to Lion of Judah. Fucked Up at the Knitting Factory in New York was nothing short of EPIC. Also a new Boston band called Step Forward that DFJ drums in, still bringin' the groove. Last, but not least, seeing Pennywise for the first time at Warp Tour - even if it was 45 degrees.

3- How was playing bass in MA? You there for good or what bro?

I love it, they are all good friends, so I was siked when they asked me to fill in and hang on tour. Never really played bass before either too, so it's been fun doing something different to the 'usual'. I'm happy doing it as long as they want me to.The Rewind Repeat tour with Homewrecker was rad. Lots of Entourage, Overnight drives, Dr. Pepper, Electric Helicopters and classic Thunder-chicken moments. CG...

4- How's Perth doing? Please tell me HQ is still alive...

Perth is still isolated as ever but on the upside a lot more bands are coming here than in the past. In general I think most kids are becoming a bit slack lately with coming to shows and supporting all the bands that make it over here. We have our ups and downs like most towns that's for sure, so hopefully there's a big 'UP' on it's way. If you're reading this either: a) start a band, b) put on a show, c) make a zine instead of sitting on message boards or d) do all of the above. What can be done tomorrow, can be done today! As for Australia's best All Age Venue - HQ Skatepark is still alive and running thanks to the one and only 'Dudeman' who has a featured interview in my zine called Shiftfit dropping at the end of the year.

5- How many thousand bands are you designing shit for this week? How is all that stuff going?

Busy as usual. Being away for two months meant a lot of work built up at home, but luckily I took my laptop to the states so I could do some while I was on the road.. Stuff that I have recently finished is the new Snake Eyes 7" out on 1917, a Bane/Have Heart/Ceremony European Tour Poster, some shirts for Bane, Modern Life Is War & Cruel Hand. A shirt for your derelic band, Long-sleeves for Parkway Drive and Her Nightmare. Finally sorted out Blkout's shizz & currently sketching up Battletruk's art for their new full-length. I'm not even going to get into my to-do list.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Greg Appleby (Against)

1- Loyalty and Betrayal, new album, a few new dudes, give us the run down, how was recording, are you happy with how it all came out?

yeah mate another line up change, we got a mate steve on bass now witch is good, he played guitar in a few other bands and he is a good cunt as well as bass player so its working out well. recording was pretty fun, it was nice and quick because andy played bass and guitars on it he is a fukin shredder!. it didn't come out anywhere near as fast as the songs were written witch was a bit of a bummer but fuck it you live and learn. we have already started writing a few new songs so next time we record we will do a few things differently. sonically i think we get better every record but we still have a long ways to go till we are all 100% happy, but we like to learn as we go..

2- NCHC, what the fuck happened?, where are all those kids with neck and hand tattoos now?

NCHC haha the "real" NCHC is pretty quiet now, it started off with a bang and the right attitude but a few bands up here dropped the ball and thought they were bigger than they are, everyone stopped supporting each other and it turned into a race to get bigger than everyone else,they worried about selling merch and playing bigger shows but they forgot that they didn't (and still don't) have the talent to write songs.. if you want to stand the test of time i believe it only takes a few things and thats
1. write songs and put out records (don't tour 4 years on 2 eps haha)
2. be honest with yourself and what you write
3. forget what every other cunt is doin cause it doesn't matter
4. support local bands/shows
to see kids with neck and hand tattoos without getting their bodies filled still blows me away but i know a few of these guys are still around and still doin their thing, but there is quite a few who disappeared and have prob gone back to hangin out in malls listening to fake metal like killswitch i love that kids get tattooed so much now, cause it pays my rent!!! haha

3- How was touring the us and euro with Terror?, give me some stories ( suitable for print, haha)

haha most isn't for suitable print, you know the rules pete!!the tour was fun though! we had a bus so we didn't have to live like hippys but it was everything about touring another country you want! , weird food, showers in buckets in parks, good hardcore bands, good metal bands, active scenes, good chocolate,creepy euro people,oh and of course hot transvestites!! haha

4- Hows your mo going?, iam pretty sure you look more like a crim everytime i see you

mate the mo is goin strong!! even i f i wanted to cut it off rachi wouldnt let me!!it gets a mind of its own sometimes when it gets long but i just cant bring myself to trim it, its prob the only thing people will remember when im gone so ill keep it for a while yet! and to everyone out there thinkin of growin one... do it! it will change your life haha

5- In your words, how the future of Brisbane hardcore looking?

with hardcore getting watered down more and more everyday in the media and emo bands with solos and keyboards get labeled "hardcore" there will always be people starting bands and putting on shows to try to bring some honesty and reality back into itWe are however suffering from a shortage of venues, its weird to my why hundreds of "hardcore" kids can go to night clubs and listen hardcore on a pa system while they mosh on the dance floor but wont support local shows, I guess thats life.The people who want a scene will always be around and while they are brisbane will be fine...

Dave Peters (Throwdown, Gelato Lover)

1- Venom and Tears, hhhhaarrrddd, give us the inside scope, where did you record it?, how long did it take, etc, etc, you happy with the finished product?

Thanks man! I don't think we've ever been as proud or satisfied with a record in our ten or so years as a band (in one form or another) than with this one. We sacrificed a lot to stay home as long as we did to write and record it (about 9 months all together) with relatively small finances, so it's even cooler hearing it just the way we wanted it in light of those sacrifices. We recorded closer to home this time (LA) vs traveling out to Boston, which was a nice change of pace too. We were real stoked on Vendetta, but at the same time, it was a high pressure situation - we jumped right out of tour...into the studio...and then back into the van for another tour. Just no way to make an album really. This time we focussed 100% on the record and I think it really made the difference for us.

2- Last of the Believers, where you playing in that band at one stage?

No I wasn't, but I've been friends with Chris aka "Sassy" for a long time and he mentioned having me sing on it if scheduling permitted. Insanely enough, it actually did. It was fun to come down and do some guest vocals for that because it's a lot different than what I'm normally singing over. It was also pretty sick that they were recording it at Scott Weiland's studio and there was a lot of sweet crushed red velvet just draped all over the place. I felt like Huggybear a little when I was tracking. That record has a real cool vibe to it all throughout and I'm glad they invited me down to get wild on it.

3- Gelato, is it still out there?

You fuckin better believe it is, bogan!

4- Hows touring going?, you guys pretty much havent fucking stopped.

Yeah, man. I'm actually pretty surprised we're all alive in spite of volatile personalities and transportation hazards. Two of us aren't talking to each other right now actually and our trailer wheel flew the fuck off on the highway two nights ago. And no i don't mean we got a flat, I mean all the lugs SEVERED and the thing when bouncing down the goddamn road like a fuckin Marion Brother and probably landed in someone's lap in oncoming traffic. Sketchy. We were spoiled with all the time off we had to write and record "Venom & Tears" and when we jumped back on the road again this summer we were like "fuuuuuuuuuuck. This blows." hahaha. Nah not really. We have a lot of fun touring, but sometimes you'd just rather be at home with people that you don't see day in day out for most of the year, yknow? Mark has long pretty hair and all, but I prefer my wife's company when it comes to sharing beds and bathrooms.

5- How stoked are you when 14 year olds start threads on sick bulletin boards saying that Throwdown are sell outs and arent straight edge every second week?

Ah yeah, man, it RULES! When I think about all that we've accomplished in a decade as a band and all the time I've spent being involved with hardcore for the past 15+ years, it really makes it all worth it when a kid who was literally not yet a fetus when I started going to shows perpetuates the lamest and most obvious rumor that we're "not straight edge anymore." It's kind of like a little trophy for us, yknow? Like "Hey're one of the few bands still together that actually STAND for to show our appreciation...we're going to make things up about you and send them off into the abyss of the internet...THEN we'll sneak into your show dressed like rejects from a P Diddy video and dance around like Gumby having a seizure." It really kicks ass, Pete. Lemme tell you.

Luke Weber (Shotpointblank, Trust Comes Tough Clothing, A-Town OG)

1- A-town used to be known for the vegan straightedge, what happened?

With Earth Crisis being the backbone of Adelaide hardcore, when they broke up dudes got slack. BC, Kev, JJ, Jona and the pyramid of vegan power are still keeping it real though. But now EXC are back together who knows whats gonna happen, if they come to Australia Ill go vegan again for the show! Adelaide did used to have a solid rep for all the vegan and straightedge kids there as opposed to the rest of the country....we held it down hard...we all just pretended we lived in Syracuse although to this day most of us still havent gotten to see EXC!

2- How was it growing up in adelaide going to shows?

Amazing, We had the tightest group of friends putting everything they had into shows and promoting hardcore in Adelaide. The rest of Australia had some shit going on but as far as im concerned we had the first bands like DOC that really set the standard for touring, good recordings and taking a band seriously. We also invented violent dancing in Australia, so if it wasnt for us everyone would probably be doing the waltz to parkway these days!

3- Do you miss touring at all?

Fuck yeah I do, You love it and you hate it but all in all its better than any shit job youll ever do. Start a band and get the fuck out of the grind of the 9-5 bullshit.....then at least you will stay sane!

( edit- Webdog is back on the road and his new nickname may soon well be Roaddog, he is ALWAYS on tour)

4- The last shotpoint show was huge, were you happy with how it all ended?

The last show was the best show we ever played.....1600 kids, everyone dancing and singing along, all our friends there and absolute chaos! I couldnt have asked for a better way to go out.

5- Your doing a new band, whats the deal?

Im doing two, one is a rock band called The Braves with a bunch of dudes with too many tattoos, we dont even really jam, we just get together and talk about working out, protein powder and meathead, thats what happens with Baina and GK in the band. My other band will kick your ass, its coming.....keep an eye

Jonas Feinberg (The Hope Conspiracy, Fulltime Road Dog)

1- Death knows your name is fucking awesome man, do you think its gone over peoples heads, or dont you guys tour enough?

Thanks man! Glad you like the record. Are you saying that no one likes us anymore? Trends come and go my friend, we are the same as we ever were. You dig? I don't think it has gone over peoples heads. All the people that were supposed to get it, get it. We tour a perfect amount. If we toured like some bands these days it would just be depressing. We aren't meant for that anymore. We toured our fucking balls off (figuratively) for the first four years of our existence. That is longer than most bands are even around isn't it? If you missed us, then sorry- you missed us. Anyway, I don't take your opinion lightly, so I'm glad to hear you say it is fucking awesome. Let people say what they want (if anything at all?) and talk about who they want... none of us will ever be Black Sabbath so what is the point anyway?

2- When will you dudes be back here?


3- Are you over touring yet?, i know i burned out, but you have been on tour with bleeding through and others for fucking ever

Nah man, touring is my job. It has been in my life for over ten years now. It's just kind of second nature really.

4- How long/gross is your beard right now?

My girlfriend loves it. It's staying.

5- I saw the cure the other night, but still have never seen moz, leave me with a story of seeing the master live to leave me jealous.

Last time I saw the Cure play Robert Smith checked his cellphone in the middle of a song. I shit you not, it was on the drum riser and he just picked it up to check out who texted him or whatever. You could totally see it on the Jumbotron screens. Morrissey live shows have gotten to be less fun as he has escalated in popularity again. Some of the venues I've seen him play over the last few years have kind of sucked. People wanting to sit down while he plays? Gimme a break. I mean, he was awesome, but I did like seeing him in General Admission places that were packed out. In 2002 a whole bunch of us saw him at Las Vegas House of Blues. 2 nights. Shit was off the wall. Anyway, let me just conclude by saying how happy I am that you always want to talk about Moz these days. I mean, I do remember your OLD cd collection. I love you, and the direction you are headed

Aram Arslanian (Betrayed, The First Step, Champion, React Records)

1-How does playing in The First Step compare to when you were playing in Champion?

Playing in The First Step is really low key compared to Champion. Champion was on a mission to get out and create some kind of change in the world, we put everything aside in our lives and gave it 100% every night and I think we made some real impact in the lives of some people. TFS is a much different experience in that way, I mean I definitely feel that we’re out there bringing a message and being very dedicated to that idea, but it’s less of a “Do or Die” type attitude than the Champ. Like TFS is really chill, we play 3 shows a month and while we’re about getting our ideas out there we also focus on just really trying to enjoy our time together and on stage. We spend a lot of time kicking it, talking about life and the core, and seeking out the best vegetarian food the world has to offer.

2- How straight edge are you?

As Straight Edge as it gets. I fully believe in the movement, ideals, and lifestyle and will forever. There’s an unreleased Betrayed song about Straight Edge called , “Know Enough to Know” and in it there’s a line that sums it up for me, “It’s not all that I am but it’s who I choose to be”. What that means to me is that there’s a lot more to me as a person that just the edge, but out of all the things that make me up as a person I choose to identify with being Straight Edge above anything else and that’s because I find true value in what it represents.

3- Some people say that their pets are a reflection on themselves, how do you feel about that statement and your dog?

That’s a loaded question you fucker… okay for those not in the know, I have a wiener dog named Josh. Wiener dogs have long snouts and so do I, in fact both my wife and I kinda look like our dog. Pete I hate you. As for the dog himself, Josh is a great dude, he love to chill out and listen to the core with me and although the wife and I are vegetarians we feed him on a raw meat diet which is natural and healthy for a dog. Kibble and wet food are pretty much fast food for animals and contribute to most of the weight issues and illness that arises in pets so it’s a compassionate choice for pet owners. As for the animals used for his food, being vegetarians we kinda felt an ethical dilemma about it but we’ve done some research and buy from a company that uses free range ethically treated animals and once you see the shit they put into other dog foods I doubt many people would think twice about going raw for their pets.

4- Do you ever see yourself making it back in the best country in the world?

I want TFS to come there but I don’t know if it’s in the cards. I have way to many friends down there to not come back so I’m sure the wife and I will make a rip out of it. I mean if No Apologies, one of the greatest current core bands, wont come to me then I have to come to them.

5- Did jj really steal sean spear's underwear?( i saw it with my own eyes but after more than a year i steal need confirmation)

Yeah, no word of a lie when Betrayed toured with FVK John Joseph stole Sean Spear’s underwear… all of it… as in he had to buy all new underwear the next day… and not as a joke, but to actually wear. This was so insane it made my mind explode! The best part of it was the next day we told the story to Mackie, he was drinking an espresso ad he just looked off into the distance and said, “That’s some jail shit right there”. Again my mind exploded

.... and it begins

Ok, like i didnt have enough shit on my plate, ive decided to start this.
My original plan was to post all the original 5q's but i must of deleted them from my inbox after the zine was out cause i cant find them, so iam just going to post the i/vs that were to make up 5q's 11, that i never got around to actually doing ( i love zines as much as the next guy, but i just dont have the time that it requires to do one again) plus do alot more as i go.
I was pretty happy with how the actual zine 5q's came out, it was very rushed and it is what it is, but if i did have the time over again i would of maybe asked some better questions and layed it out a little better and not just used pics of the peoples myspace or whatever we(other Pete helped me lay it out) could find on the nerd. But yeah its done now, hopefully this page can be entertaining and ill def try and keep on top of it(more so than the NA one maybe)
I guess iam going to use this as a place where i can also voive my opinion on whatever the fuck i want, maybe do a few reviews, have people write some thing, etc, etc.
Iam basically just going to run with it and use it as something to kill time when iam not inside an aircraft throwing peoples belongings around.
Some 5q's will be up soon.