Thursday, November 20, 2008

Checking In With ... Corey Williams

Yo Corey I.A. checkin in....
Life is a mess at the moment yet it is still so good. I have never been so broke and homeless yet I still find ways to smile at the end of the day.

With the passing of Internal Affairs I have put my energy towards a new band, Absolute Madness. I actually play guitar this time around cuz I'm so fuckin tired of the microphone. I teamed up with So Cal's number 1 asshole in the pit Alex Vaz. He will be on the mic and treating kids like they are punching bags. He is the guy with all the rings that either shattered your jaw or knocked you the fuck out. Also have Manu Midget from Holier Than Thou on guitar, Nick Trujillo from Snake Eyes and Donnybrook! on bass and Face from Life and Death on drums. AM is a crossover hardcore band influenced heavily by mid '80's venice style hardcore. We have a song on the Reaper Records Comp "Mercy For None" that will be out around the end of the year. Demo songs to be expected around the same time.

Back to Internal Affairs. Yes its true we are breaking up and thats that. Last show will be in So Cal at the end of February, details will be on our myspace. There is a time and place for some bands and I believe that our time has past. We appreciate all the support and requests not to break up but its best to end on a good note. I would hate to have to call it quits cuz we were a joke. Fuck we might be and I just don't know it yet hahaha.

Thats about it at the moment. I'll be seeing my Australian friends at the beginning of the year and all my east coast friends at the end of January. Can't wait!!!

C Madness signing off...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The "F" Word

I have come to realise that anyone who is offended by the word FAGGOT is then themselves the definition of the word.
You are not homophobic if you say FAGGOT, you are not a gay basher if you say FAGGOT, and the world wont end if you say the word FAGGOT.
Fuck, my fiancee calls me a FAGGOT on a daily basis, haha.
In other news, iam waiting on some "Checking In With ... " and 5 q's answers.
If you owe me some and are reading this, get cracking.
Last No Apologies show this Saturday.
See all you FAGGOTS(ok now iam going a little overboard) there!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cruel Hand - Prying Eyes

Wow, take note people, this is what hardcore should sound like.
Sure there is going to be comparisons to Ill Blood era No Warning, but fuck it, this is great.
Life In Shambles is a fucking ripper, but every other song is not far behind it.
5 q's or a checking in with ... Nate their guitarist up soon.
Go buy this record!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The End (for real)

It sucks, but one of my favourite bands in hardcore right now, Bad Blood, had to pull out of our last show. A young band who is turning heads, The Hollow has replaced them, iam looking forward to checking them out for the first time live, the demo rips.


And in other news, my good friend Martin Stewart from one of the realest (again, is that a word?) hardcore bands to ever exist, Terror, designed this sweet shirt for us.
There will only be very limited numbers of these and they will ONLY be available at the show.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Checking In With ... Sam Trapkin

Checking in today we have Sam Trapkin guitarist from alot of people's (including me) favourite current core band Trapped Under Ice.

Yo! So we've been home for about a month now after a very busy summer. Everyone's been readjusting to living at home, back to work and everything... Justice is keeping the venue of Sonar as secure as possible, Ben's interpreting heart monitor readings, Klipa is making that bankroll at Andy Nelson's BBQ (where does it all go?....oh yeah, beer & weed), I'm doing freelance design work right now, and yo...we got a new bass player. Richmond VA's Jared Carmen, certified bass ripper/professional diver from Down to Nothing joined about 2 weeks ago. We've played 4 shows with him since we've been home and it's been awesome. He can shred and is a lot of fun on the road.

We've played about 5 shows since the end of September, and gotten to play with some awesome bands including Numb (from Japan), Creepout (from Japan), Stout, Terror, RazorBlade HandGrenade, Face the Panic, On Broken Wings, Rhinoceros, Crowd Deterrent, Backhand, Gaining Ground, Backtrack, and Suburban Scum to name a few. We've also been real busy writing. We're working on songs for an LP that we're hoping to have out sometime around April of 2009. We have a good amount written now, and are hoping to record early next year. Everyone has been contributing to the songwriting and riffing out non-stop. We'll be putting it out with Reaper Records. Patrick Kitzel has always held us down and we're all very happy to be working with him and the Reaper team.

Future Plans:November 28,29,30- Weekend with Forfeit/Mongoloids to NJ/Boston/CTDecember 12,13,14- Weekend to VA/TN/NC January- US tour with Dirty Money, Reign Supreme, and Full Blown ChaosFebruary- hopefully recordSpring/Summer 2009- tour to promote LP

Thanks to everyone that has helped us/continues to. We're all looking forward to getting back on the road next year and putting out some new shit. And thanks Pete! this blog rules.

Russ Rankin (Only Crime, Good Riddance)

1- Firstly, how stoked are you that Obama got in? What do you think this means for your country?

I didn't vote for him (I'm a registered Green Party member) but I am happy that he won. My big problem is with our entire election process and the fact that we don't have a free press in the U.S.

2- Good Riddance was a band for good on 14 years, you guys did alot, what are some of the ups and downs that come to mind when you think of the band. And what do you think of a couple bands around right now (not mentioning any names) that sound pretty much exactly like GR, but are playing stadiums and getting played on commercial radio?

There were tons of highs and lows - we were so unprepared for what we became and the work it took and the toll on our personal lives. It was, however, a tremendous opportunity and a rewarding experience that I'm sure enriched all of our lives in various ways. As for bands who "sound" exactly like us who are playing stadiums I really haven't heard any.

3- Only Crime, 2 records down and a whole heap of tours, hows it all going? Do you ever look back at the drums when your playing live and think, "fuck, iam in a band with Bill Stevenson"!?

Only Crime is slowly gathering new material for or 3rd album and will be touring Europe in Jan/Feb 2009 with No Use For A Name. And yes, I have caught myself doing that many, many times.

4-What not many people may know about you is that you are proudly straightedge and vegan, which i always think is fucking cool when an "older" (sorry, haha) dude sticks to his beliefs, in a scene that is filled with people that change trends with the wind. Have you ever x'd up? and what band, if any, prompted or helped in your decision to go straightedge?

Haha... I used to X up all the time when I was going to the hardcore matinees at Gilman Street in the late 1980's. I'd go see bands like Rabid Lassie, Unit Pride, Hard Stance, No For An Answer, Insted, Youth of Today, Bold and countless others and I'd X up and then wake p the next morning with big X's on my face from sleeping on my hands.

5- Coffee or ice hockey, if you had to pick one, as in you were never allowed the other as long as you lived, which one would it be, and why?

Hockey because it is the greatest thing ever GO DEVILS!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Straight Edge Revenge!

Fuck yes.

Checking In With ... David Foster

I wanted to let the awesomeness(is that a word? it is now) of Sweet Pete's i/v sink in for a few days, but iam excited on some new ideas and couldn't sit on this.
I am going to introduce a new segment to this blog (fuck i hate that fucking word) called "Checking In With ...". Basically what ill be doing is checking in with friends from around the globe whether they be on tour, in the studio, at home, on holidays (vacation for you American fucks), etc, etc, and seeing what they are up too.
Iam excited about it and i think it will be cool.
So to kick things off we have David Foster, guitarist in Blacklisted.
Here Goes

We are over halfway into the Have Heart,Ceremony,Blacklisted,Let Down _U.S takeover. Tonight while in the middle of a 20 hour drive from Seattle to Denver we found out that Barack Obama has been elected into the office as President. This is a major historical event for a number of reasons. Pretty exciting day for America. The tour thus far has been a major success on all realms, getting to see some of the best bands in modern hardcore nightly. As Pat Flynn of Have Heart stated, its almost like a buffet of modern hardcore. I'm not sure if I wouldve phrased that the same way, but the point was understood. We played a few great california gigs at the famous chain reaction and gilman st. The first was on halloween. Let Down had some great,creative costumes, I had my good friend Slash guitar tech-ing for me, even though he was later found wasted in the dressing room, and Have Heart came out as the Blue Man group, full bald wigs painted blue. Toast from ceremony was charles manson. The next night at gilman was a riot, capped by Davey Havok of afi doing project x's straight edge revenge with ceremony. Tour has been fun so far and should continue. We have chicago's convicted joining us soon, then get back to the east coast. Life is good. No complaints apart from the van's new found oil leak. PEACE!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sweet Pete (In My Eyes, Boston Straight Edge)

1- Ok, In My Eyes, you guys did what not many hardcore bands can pull off, skipping the EP format and going straight from doing a Demo to an LP(The Difference Between), which ended up being one of, if not the best core records of the 90's. Was this a conscious decision, and a firm belief and confidence in what you guys were doing? or was it just that you had enough songs and thought lets do it?

I am glad you asked this. We wanted to do a 7” first, but Revelation asked us to do an LP as the 7” format is hard to make money back on. We were a little hesitant to do an LP as we did not have enough songs, but we got talked into re-recording some of the demo songs for the LP. In hindsight I wish we did not redo those demo songs as I feel they’re much better on the demo than on The Difference Between. The one thing I hate the most is my voice on the version of ‘This is Our Time’ on the redone version on the LP. That was the last song we recorded vocals for and it was 3am and I had been singing all day. I really just wanted to go home and do that song later, but we had to have it done that night, so I just said “Hit record and I’ll do it in one take and that’s that.” If your readers do not know or have not recorded, you usually do ‘punch ins’ on vocals that do not sound right or you actually do a few lines at a time and then take a break and do more so that you do not have to just belt out an entire song at a time. I was so tired and wanting to go home that I just did that song all at once in one take and did not even listen to it as I just went home. When I heard the vocals I was pretty upset with how weak they sound, but it was my own fault for being stubborn/tired and wanting to go home.

2- I remember when "Nothing To Hide" came out, hearing stories of a backlash of sorts from kids in the states saying that "the mosh parts" were gone and that it was a "rock" record. Is there any truth to that?

Nothing to Hide is a 100% Straight Edge HARDCORE record. People can have their opinion on if there is enough MOSH or if it is ROCK, and that does not bother me. We (IME) set out to write a record that we liked and would listen to. We did not set out to write a ‘rock’ record or let’s lose the mosh. We just ended up with songs that we liked and put it out there with no expectations. We knew it sounded a little different than our other stuff, but we never thought it was so far off that people would say it was not a hardcore record. We heard a little here and there about it being too melodic, too little mosh and whatnot, but it was 95% positive response we got for the LP in reviews and live when we played the songs. To this day it is almost split 50/50 between people telling me that The Difference Between is better than Nothing to Hide and vice-versa. Mostly people tell me that they love both LPs, but they like ___ one better. I am happy with everything IME put out and I can say it was always Straight Edge Hardcore no matter if it’s the demo, TDB or NTH.

3- Looking back at the legacy that In My Eyes has left are you 100% happy with everything that you achieved? Are there any regrets? and would you do another band again? or is it true what you told me that you would never do another band again because nothing would be as good as your time in IME?

I am 100% satisfied with what IME did. Could we have done more? Sure. Could we have done another record? Sure. Do I have any regrets that we did not? No. We started out 5 friends playing straight edge hardcore and ended 5 friends playing straight edge hardcore. We toured as much as we could, made some good (subjective) music, met a lot of cool kids all over and I made friendships that last until this day. Kids still email me, talk to me at shows about IME and I see IME shirts being worn all over the world. That blows me away and the kids have no idea how happy that makes me. I am not jaded like “Oh, that little band I did 10 years ago *yawn*” I will talk about IME to any kid that wants to as it was a big part of my life and one I am proud of. There are still tour stories from IME that to this day I can think back about and laugh or enjoy retelling to anyone who wants to hear. I still talk to all the guys from IME from time to time and we are still friends to this day. That is the most important thing. As far as doing another band that is pretty much out of the question. I loved doing IME and think I did and said what I wanted in a band and now it is time to go back to just being a kid at shows. I was into HC for over 10 years before IME started and it is coming up on almost 10 years since IME broke up that I am still involved in HC. I just really have no desire to be back on stage. I never really miss it as being in a HC band is not like being a rock star, so I get the same feeling of being at a show as I did on stage. Singing along in the crowd or stage diving is the same to me as being on stage with a mic in hand. I love touring and have been touring the world since IME broke up with bands like Mental and Have Heart. I have toured more since IME broke up than I did when we were around. I love going around the world and meeting hardcore kids as we all share a special bond that can not be described to the outside world.

4- Have Heart, the younger generation of Boston Straight Edge keeping the flame alive. When you’re on tour or just at a show with those guys do you feel like a father figure? haha or just another one of the guys?

I just feel like one of the guys. They never treat me any different or like an elder. I not only tour with those guys, but they are some of my best friends and I hang out with them in Boston all the time too. I may be way older than them, but when we hang out it is not different than peers hanging out. Have Heart are not only a great band, but great kids too and for anyone who may wonder if they live up to what they portray in their music, I can 100% tell you they do and then some. They are some of the most sincere and genuine kids I have ever met in hardcore. I can’t say enough good things about this band and what they have done for Boston hardcore and straight edge hardcore in general.

5- You’re an older guy(sorry, haha), but you are still siked on the edge and core, what keeps you involved in this crazy thing that is the hardcore scene? and how long can you see yourself at shows stage diving?

Hardcore was and is my family. I feel in love with hardcore at a very young age and growing up without a dad and then having my mom die when I was in my teens it made me turn to this alternative family that was the punk/hardcore community. I still get the feeling inside seeing a good band play today that I did when I first went to shows in ’83 and ’84. As far as straight edge is concerned I just see what drugs and alcohol does to people and I want no part of that in my life. I have no problem with people doing what they want, but being drug and booze free just works for me. I was into hardcore for a few years with the message of straight edge around me before I really thought about it and decided it was for me and the way I wanted to live my life forever. How long do I see myself stage diving? Hmm….well, I hope forever. Shit, I will be 40 in January and don’t see myself ever stopping going to shows or stage diving. Hell, I had a kidney transplant in 2006 and my doctor told me that I should not skate or have any hard contact (sports) for a few years. I was skating and stage diving again 3 months later. It was to the point where Pat from Have Heart and Sean from Verse took me aside and were like “Dude, we know you love to stage dive, we just don’t want to see you die at one of our shows” You can’t keep me from stage diving for 2 years. Fuck that! I’d rather die at a show doing a dive than sit around and feel the music inside and not get that release of diving. Most people think I don’t mosh anymore and sure, I am not on the floor as much as I used to be, but if you catch me in the right mood I can and will hit the floor. I have pretty good cardio and can mosh a whole set for a band if the mood is right.