Monday, April 20, 2009

Demonstrate My Style

I have finished writing(both musically and lyrically)for the SMASH demo and i am looking at getting into a studio asap to record it.
If you or anyone you know fits the following criteria and plays guitar or drums, get in touch.
-live in Sydney(or surrounding areas)
-have your own gear and transport
-listen to current HARDcore (that does not mean Bury Your Dead, Bring Me The Horizon, Deez Nuts, etc, etc)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Sun Has Set

Iron Mind are a new(ish) band from Melbourne Australia who play HARDcore the way it was meant to be. It its refreshing (for me at least) to see a young Australian hardcore band that actually are playing hardcore and not either metal, pop punk or what has been increasingly popular, the repetitive mid tempo "rock, emotional, look at me my life is so tough yet iam a middle class rich kid that lives with my parents fag core" with shockingly bad lyrics about how life sucks and they hate the world and wish they could die (so do i!)
Fuck all that, buy this now! It rules and its on repeat.