Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hardcore is alive and well in 2011, fuck re-unions, if your band broke up, stay broken up!
I Exist, Fires Of Waco, Parkway Drive, 50 Lions, Phantoms, Relentless, Iron Mind, Warbrain, Paper Arms, Sxwzd, Miles Away, Blkout
Australian Hardcore 2011!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Aaron Osborne (I Exist, 4 Dead, Slowburn and others that i dont know)

1- II: The Broken Passage, how siked are you for people to hear what you have come up with, how was it recording with Billy Anderson and how many times did he say the words "heavy" and "dude"?

Really really excited for people to hear the new stuff, we’ve been working on the songs for a while now and we’re stoked they are finally recorded and ready for people to listen to. Recording with Billy was a blast, dude has recorded like 80% of my favourite records, or had something to do with them so it was a real honor and great experience to work with him. Haha quite a bit, he was more into saying shit like ‘That riff sounds like a total fucking wizard fight” and during every harmony singing “LOOK AT ME WANKING”, we got along with him great haha.

2- Canberra is a cold place and some would say not alot goes on there, do you think thats what bred a band like I Exist? What im saying is, i cant imagine a band like you guys coming from QLD.. am i making sense?

I don’t know if it’s the weather or if it’s the size or what but Canberra seems to spawn an awesome breed of musicians, everyone is really well versed and pretty open minded, theres a lot going on there musically, so no one is really caught up in one scene or anything, everyone is pretty cool. I think id way a fair amount of our sound upon where we are from though, we’re separated from a lot of other scenes and bands to people just do there own thing and if it works, it does and if it doesn’t, start a new band and try again, I think that’s what all of us have ended up doing.

3- Forward Defence of 4 Dead? What side of the fence are you on? What other good music has come or is coming out of our nations capital?

Being that I am a former member of the band im gonna have to say 4 Dead haha. That band are probably the main reason (along with Hard Luck) for why I actually got involved with playing in hardcore bands in Canberra, before that I spent a lot of time playing Death Metal and those dudes showed me that you didn’t have to play perfect, or be in time, just having fun and fucking around is sometimes more entertaining than standing still and picking at one hundred miles an hour.

Always good stuff coming out of Canberra man, Looking Glass are probably one of my favourite bands and are so damn good at what they do, total Sabbath worship and its amazing. Other than that bands like, Pod People, Life and Limb, Loveshy and Venom Eyes, plus tons more, its always going along well.

4- You have a few mutli instrumentalist's in the band, which has come in handy in the past, haha, again do you think this comes down to being from Canberra and having nothing else to do but sit in your rooms and learn how to play things? Haha

Haha, it has come in handy on a number of occasions, lucky we have each other. I dunno, I learnt what I can play from either teaching myself or being forced into lessons by my mum when I was a kid haha, and I think everyone else was the same. Canberra is pretty grim at times though, so sports and stuff get kinda written off, so I guess if you wanna stay in doors and do something, guitar is probably a sick idea haha.

5- Eyehategod, Pantera or Down? Choose one, why and talk about each.

Eyehategod. They are my favourite band of all time, im an idiot and have 3 Eyehategod tattoos, and have a merch collection that I could safely live off haha. They are just perfect to me, a great blend of blues, hardcore, intoxication and always just on the brink of falling to pieces, the music is real and I love it.

Pantera showed me to almost every style of music I listen to today, I wouldn’t have got into Eyehategod if it weren’t for Phil Anselmo wearing their merch in music videos and sparking my interest when I was 14 years old haha. They were the biggest band in the world for a while, and they deserved it, incredible riffs, so damn catchy, love it.

I love Down as much as I do Pantera, they are the total other side of the metal spectrum from Pantera, and it’s a great departure for its members, same goes for the other bands they come from Crowbar, Eyehategod, COC etc. It is music that is honest as well and doesn’t have much fucked around with, its pretty straight forward, and they also have sick riffs.

New Orleans bands forever. Seriously.