Sunday, May 10, 2009

14 Hours Work = 4.42 Minutes Of Music

Heres some fun facts from Saturdays recording session.
Before the day;

- Andres and i had not practiced once
- I had never played the songs on guitar (i dont own one, i wrote the songs on my bass)
- I had obviously also never sung the songs
- On the last note on the last song of the day (Tunnel Vision) i snapped the E string, but we left it cause its a cool ending.
- We recorded, mixed and mastered 5 songs in 12 hours, not a bad effort and most things were done in the first take.

To download the songs


I guess people were always going to compare this to No Apologies because i sung/sing in both bands, but please don't.
Its two totally separate things, No Apologies was a fairly "serious" band and we wrote and rehearsed for close to 12 months before we recorded "Survival", where as with Smash we just went in and banged it out for fun.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Is up on the


More tomorrow, iam tired.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Saw the documentary on the weekend.
One word, AMAZING.
The guy rules, best boxer (fighter) ever?

The Damned, The Shamed

I dont think there's been enough talk about how good this record is.
In todays current hardcore climate, where every band is trying to "do something different", "make their mark" or are just straight up making bad music, Terror released (in my opinion) their best record since "Lowest Of The Low"
After "Always The Hard Way" i think they had to mix things up a touch and this record has it all.
Every song rules, but "Let Me Sink" takes the title for best song on the record for me.
If you let this one slip by, get the fuck into it!