Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2 Flyers

That you should be aware of

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Top 10 Records of 2008

In alphabetical order

Blacklisted- "Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God"
Ceremony- "Still Nothing Moves You"
Cold World- "Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First"
Cruel Hand- "Prying Eyes"
Extortion- "Sick"
Lone Wolf- "Hallucinogenic Fate"
Nick Cave & Bad Seeds- "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!"
Santogold- "Santogold"
Terror- "The Damned, The Shamed"
Trapped Under Ice- "Stay Cold"

This is the first time ive tried doing a top 10, and now i know why, its too fucking hard, here are some that just missed the cut.

Bitter End- "S/T 7"
Coldplay- "Viva La Vida"
The Cure- "4.13 Dream" (This is one of my xmas presents, it may just make the top 10)
Down To Nothing- "DTN/50L Split"
Fucked Up- "The Chemistry Of Modern Life"
Have Heart- "Songs To Scream At The Sun"
Internal Affairs- "Guilty Til Proven Innocent"
Kings Of Leon- "Only By The Night"
Nails- "Obscene Humanity" (Its not out yet so this will be on my 09 list)
Rhythmm To The Madness "Weltschmerz"
The Smiths- The Sound of The Smiths"
Violation- "Devoured"
White Male Dumbinance- "Forced Vengeance"
50 Lions- "DTN/50L Split"

When i started compiling this list i was hard pressed to think of many records that actually came out in 08, but looking at that list it wasent a bad year at all.
Iam looking forward to 09, new records by Moz, Rise And Fall, Nails and iam sure a whole fucking bunch more that ive forgotten.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Random Thoughts

People still havent got back to me with their "Checking In With... 's" and i dont have any time to do some fresh 5q's, so here are some random thoughts.

-Gorilla Biscuits tour was awesome. It was great to meet and tour with dudes from Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Of Today, Project X, Civ, Quicksand, Side By Side, Schism Zine, Token Entry, Underdog, Warzone, etc. Some fat fuck dived directly onto my head at the first Arthouse show though and i fucked my neck/back. Take note people, DONT stage dive onto ONE person when they are not looking! Especially if you weigh over 100kg's!

-Singing "Dance Floor Justice" most nights was pretty fucking crazy, 2 of those dudes were actually in PX, thats just weird.

-I dont get people (Billo!) that say they "didn't get" GB, whats not to get? What should i expect from people that like a band like Ruiner though?

-As cool as it was to be back touring i realised that its not the life for me anymore, waiting around for 7 other people all day everyday is not my idea of fun.

-Parkway Drive are the biggest HARDCORE (yep) band in the world. I love them, they are fucking killing it and the dvd is going to be awesome.

-New 50 Lions sounds awesome, 09 is going to be their year, fuck "bringing back the mosh".

-Hardcore in Australia is looking good, although some of the older bands have either broken up or are not doing that much, there are a bunch of new bands in every state that are coming up and are going to be the next bands in Australia to make some noise.

Here is my list for those interested.

Perth- Blkout!, Bridge The Gap

Adelaide- Infection, Cant Relate

Melbourne- Iron Mind, Ire

Sydney- Persist, Ill Brigade, Had It, Smash

Newy- White Male Duminance, The Hollow

Brisbane- Vaules Here

-NAILS is going to blow people the fuck away

-IA in Australia, its happening

-Iam going to see Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 3 days before my wedding in Adelaide, i love when things like that work out.

-Iam getting married in January

-"Personal" blogs fucking suck, no one gives a fuck what you had for lunch or what shoes you are wearing, stop wasting space on the www.

- Why are guys dressing more and more like girls? Cut off tight jean shorts dont look good, and neither do those gay little fucking slip on boat shoes you are wearing.

- While iam at it, whats up with all the fucking flannel shirts at shows? This is not the 90's and we are not in Seattle, and you sure as fuck arent a lumberjack, take those stupid fucking things off!

- Ill leave you with a photo of my brother(from another mother) Peter Bursky, mediatating high in the forrest somewhere in Vietnam. I love you Pete.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Fuck it, i've done it again.
After not being in a band for less than 2 weeks, i've started another one already.
I think i have problems.
Add us

The song up was recorded in 2007 and appeared on the AHC Compilation, for those playing at home thats Pete (the other one) and Jiggsy singing when the first verse repeats.
Demo coming soon.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hold Your Ground

Ill be on the GB Australian tour starting this Sunday.
2 shows have been added, another show at the Arty on Saturday the 12th and a show at Hermann's (yep, crazy right) in Sydney on Monday the 15th.
If you haven't got tickets yet, get them now.
Iam pretty fucking siked.